b4 the draft, I was hoping maybe the Knicks would have taken a shot at Green, but all the boards had Green going to Portland. What you got to understand though is that taking Green would have been a greater risk for Isiaiah than taking Frye.
1) We already have Ariza, so if we drafted Green, Nate, and got Rich, IT would have gotten killed if Green did not pan out. Green refused to work out against other rookies b4 the draft which hurt his stock, speculation of him being too weak, too immature, suspect defense, and only being a high school senior didn't help either. That's why he fell so low in the draft.
At least with Frye, we can develop him behind a fringe starter where he can mature while he gets playing time. Unless Green is the second coming of Lebron, he would not have seen the floor much behind Crawford, Richardson and Ariza.
2) A spectacular dunk doesn't mean he is going to be the next big thing. There are alot of players in the league that could do that who average around 6 points a game. I've been watching his reviews for the summerleague, analysts say he's a long way from contributing, and face it, Isiah does not have time to gamble on projects.

I think we are focusing too much on summerleague stats. Remember Wade and Lebron struggled in the summerleague, look how they turned out. All of our picks are expected to be legit, so let's be positive and give our rooks a chance.