Hey now... let's be real, we've not going to be celebrating beating the Spurs in June 2006. Before i get killed for this thread... we are definitely moving in the right direction as a team, but just look at last years forum threads, optimism was sky high and yet on the ground we had a year to forget.

Just thing about it: $99 million payroll plus Frye ($1.7mill), Nate ($885K), Lee ($700), J.James ($5mill)... 17 players on the payroll (including H2O and Anderson) so that's already our max team unless we waive J.Butler who is signed for year... no one else to waive... that takes us to over $107 million

Let's take a look:
PG: Steph, Nate
SG: Q, Crawford, Penny, H2O (probably released)
SF: TT, Ariza, Lee (summergames playing him at the 3), Anderson (waived)
PF: Mo, Sweetney, Rose, JYD,
C: James, Frye, Butler

So we trade Sweets and JYD or another for Walker... still not a championship team... maybe 2nd round. We could win the Atlantic division (like we all said last year), but this time with a better team... this is what rebuilding is like people... the danger for Isaih is to trade TT and Penny to teams cutting payroll for another 2 over the hill past their prime stars... then continue to bloat our payroll for the next 5 years... as it is 2006 looks like a payroll of $100 million and depending on any sign and trades for walker and trading penny and tt... 2007 which is looking at about $50 mill with our new acquisitions, could be back at 60-70 million... that's now free agents for the next 3 years!

Let's settle in for the ride, it'll have some great times too... Nate, Q, Ariza and a few others... hopefully Crawford can blossom into the player he promises to be... hopefully Isaih's plan (which has changed big time since he has started) factors all this in and more

Man, I am looking forward to November rolling around!
Go Knicks!