speculates Isiah may be able to get Shawn Marion in exchange for TT's expiring $14million by the February deadline.

If we can get a better starting center in a 3way, like Dalembert, Chandler or Magloire, in exchange for Sweets/Jamal, then get Marion by Feb, we may be able to get back to the Eastern Conference finals.

A starting 5 of:
Chandler (4,5)
Frye (4,5)
Marion (3,4)
Q (2,3)

backed by: (9man rotation)
James (5),
Trevor (2,3)
Lee (3,4)
Nate (1,2)

Mo, Allan, Butler (need another point guard) round out the roster (waive Rose or use the Gilbert Arenas clause to waive a future bad contract we may need to take if trading for a big man).

Wouldn't that be one hell of a shotblocking frontcourt (Chandler, Frye and Marion)?