Did someone actually post they'd would rather have Jackie Butler than Sweetney at the 4? Jackie can't even get minutes on our summerleague team. If Marion is available by trade, I wouldn't trade our future for him, but i would seriously think about giving up our expiring contracts, a backup PF (which they would need, they have no depth) and maybe a drfat pick, (we have 3 next year). Getting marion would instantly make us a contender in the East. This to me would be a fun lineup:
PG Marbury
SG Richardson
SF Ariza
PF Marion
C James

That would be Suns East, small but quick with scorers at 4 positions and 2 shotblockers (marion and james) on the frontline, wit Nate and Crawford coming off the bench. And don't sleep on Frye y'all, Mr #1 pick Bogut hasn't looked too good in summerleague either.