We wont recognize this team in the 05,06 season. There are a great deal of unaswered questions the Knicks face today. Who's gonna be the head coach? Who's gonna be the starting shooting gard and starting center. No matter who starts or who coachs we must all realize that the knicks current line up sucks! So expect a great deal of trades to come. In the end the only Thomas on this team will be Isiah! Tim's will be traded for a real big man with legs. I have nothing but faith in Isiah, although my faith in him wavered abit during the Muhammad trade.

I have never seen the knicks look so soft. This is perhaps the softest team in franchise history. I like Marbury. Remember he was the only one to show up in the last few games of the season. Richardson was a great ad in. Look for Crawford to be traded along with Thomas for a PF or big SF. That's my call.