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    Default [RealGM] Brown’s “Dream Job” May Prove To Be A Nightmare


    Forget that New York was a dismal 33-49 last season, good for last in the Atlantic Division (tied with the Toronto Raptors ) and 11th in the Eastern Conference; bad teams can have quick turnarounds, especially with the right coach at the helm. But you wonder if even Brown can come in and perform his magic with this current Knicks squad.

    Thomas, despite constantly retooling the Knicks’ roster in the two-plus years he has been on board, still has no room to work with under the salary cap, so Brown pretty much will adopt a roster that is filled with either youngsters trying to carve their niche in the league (last time we checked, Brown was never a believer in developing youth at the expense of winning now) or over-rated, underachieving players with burdensome contracts.

    If Brown indeed pursues his dream, will he learn to be patient with the ever-developing Trevor Ariza, who at only 20 years old figures to be a fixture in the Knicks lineup for the next several seasons? Or Channing Frye, New York’s first-round draft pick this year and a player who is still very much a project? Or Mike Sweetney? Will Brown be able to harness Jamal Crawford and teach him to become more aggressive offensively and less of a 3-point chucker?

    And then, of course, all eyes will be on how Brown handles point guard Stephon Marbury.

    It is imperative for the two to co-exist on the court, in much the same way Brown and Allen Iverson did so in Philadelphia for six seasons (though they had their fair share of off-the-court issues), for New York to have any chance of challenging for a playoff birth in the East. There hasn’t been a coach thus far who’s been able to harness Marbury’s talent. Brown will have to be the first to do so if the Knicks are to compete next season.

    And to prevent Brown's dream job from turning into a nightmare.
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    If Larry Brown come to NY the Knikcs will not only get in the playoffs, we will probably win a title since 1973.


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