A sports analyst (a lame one by the way) said something that actually made me laugh about Isiah Thomas...

"There is no I in team...but there is two in Isiah and two in idiot"

haha i was rolling, but the sad thing is i like Isiah Thomas as our general manager...

now I know everyone says he should have done this, should have done that. but lets face it he inherited a horrible problem and personally I think he made some of the best choices I know everyone will say he should have dumped the cap BUT how could he of done that. its nice to say that but tell me who would take Allan Houstons contract? who would we of dumped the cap too? and i know youll say well maybe we couldnt have done that BUT we should of done this trade (and come up with a trade for some good players that fit the salary...dont lie i do it too). but heres the thing, this is not NBA LIVE 2004. you cant give three scrubs with a 58 rating to a team for an allstar with a 92 rating!! haha it just wont work. IT HAS TO WORK FOR BOTH TEAMS (or ALL teams involved for that matter)...

so in this i want to show his moves since being GM and tell me...eyyy WHY ARE WE STILL RAGGING ON THIS MAN?!!?!

He has WAIVED...
C Slavko Vranes, F John Amaechi & F Shandon Anderson
...any big losses?

He has TRADED...
C Michael Doleac, C Nazr Mohammed, C Dikembe Mutumbo, C Cezary Trybanski, F Othella Harrington, F Keith Van Horn, F Kurt Thomas, F Dijon Thompson F Clarence Weatherspoon, F Antonio McDyess, F Maciej Lampe, F Vin Baker, G Moochie Norris, G Howard Eisley, G Charlie Ward, G Jamison Brewer, G Frank Williams, the draft rights to G Milos Vujanic, 2004 1st Round Pick, a conditional 1st Round Pick, 2005 2nd Round Pick & a 06 2nd Round Pick I wish we had some of those players still? of course. I would love to have Nazr & Van Horn as a back up Center and PF, I would love to have his prime, I would love to have McDyess when he could walk, i JUST dont see these "losses" as horrible when we got this--->

C Channing Frye, C Jackie Butler, C Jerome James, C Bruno Sundov, F Maurice Taylor, F Malik Rose, F David Lee, F Jerome Williams, F Tim Thomas, F Trevor Ariza, G DerMarr Johnson, G Jermaine Jackson, G Stephon Marbury, G Anfernee Hardaway, G Nate Robinson, G Jamal Crawford & G Quentin Richardson aswell as a 1st Round Pick in 06
...we have two large inspiring contracts to play with, a superstar guard at the point, we have two young bright shooting guards, we got 4 incredible draft talents, im loving the pick ups with minor exception..

He has FIRED...
Don Chaney, Brendan Malone & Lon Kruger

He has HIRED...
Lenny Wilkens (Wilkens Resigns), Mark Aguirre, Dick Helm ASWELL as HIRED Larry Brown as Head Coach of Knicks (offical tomorrow guaranteed)
...we have Larry Brown as our head coach, enough said!

honestly even if you're a horrible pessimist, you have to tell me the roster of

2005-2006 (so far)
Coach:: Larry Brown
C Jerome James/Channing Frye/Jackie Butler
PF Mike Sweetney/Malik Rose/David Lee/Jerome Williams/Maurice Taylor
SF Tim Thomas/Trevor Ariza
SG Quentin Richardson/Jamal Crawford/Penny Hardaway/Allan Houston
PG Stephon Marbury/Nate Robinson

is ALOT better than the roster of

Coach:: Don Chaney
C Dikembe Mutumbo/Michael Doleac/Slavko Vranes
PF Kurt Thomas/Mike Sweetney/Othella Harrington/Maciej Lampe/Antonio Mcdyess
SF Keith Van Horn/Shandon Anderson/Clarence Weatherspoon
SG Allan Houston
PG Howard Eisley/Charlie Ward/Frank Williams

i know its all about winning in the future and cap space etc etc. but look at the change, look at the youth, look at the names, and HONESTLY tell me if what Isiah has done (in the 1 and a half seasons he has been here) that awful???