I think they will make a move in Feb to get a force in the low post. I don't think Marbury and Brown saw eye to eye at the olympics and I think he (marbury) is on a short leash. I wouldn't be surprised if they moved him for the low post guy (whom ever that might be). I also do not see them getting rid of Crawford or QR. I think Brown will like having those weapons but he will try to tame them so that they are not hurling 40 3s in a game. The first half of this season will be Brown feeling out the current roster. Come the trade deadline in FEB, don't be surprised if the Knicks make some unforseen moves. I think Marbury has 'till then to convince Brown that he can play the 1 effectivly or he will be dealt, or at least try to be dealt. I don't think the knicks should make anymore moves for now, let brown evaluate these guys and see where this team needs to be patched up.