We really need to keep Penny, Tim and Alan. If we trade them we'll need to take back big contracts. We don't need anymore high-paid-bodies on our roster. Let Penny and Tim play out this last season and get those salaries off our books. Alan should also be kept because we will still take a salary cap hit even if we cut him now for luxury cap relief. We just need to hope and pray that he either retires or we can use him off the bench. I actually hate the guy. But if I were Dolan I wouldn't want to give a guy $40 million for two years upfront just to get off my team and go to Miami and win a championship. The key is that we don't need him to start anymore. So we can use him sparringly against second teamers and he could be effective for a couple of years. No one in their right mind will ever take him off our hands via trade with that ridiculous contract. So let's keep him and use him off the bench. If we exercise patience, in 2009 season we will have off our roster:

Tim Thomas --last year left
Penny Hardaway--last year left
Jerome Willams--3 years left
Alan Houston--2 years left
Maurice Taylor--2 years left
Mike Sweetney--3 years left

And Rose and Marbury will be in the last year of their contracts
And some free agents that'll be available:

LeBron James
Dwayne Wade
Carmelo Anthony
Chris Bosh

So at any time if we can dump Rose and Marbury or any one of those contracts for expiring contracts we should do so because we have their replacements with Crawford, Nate, Frye and Butler. Only way to get a dynasty in NY.

Tell me what you guys think of this plan and are you guys willing to be patient enough and work with what we have now?