I haven't done this in a while, BUT Ill keep moving with the offseason like my name is Kevin we go!

Free Agents that will where a new jersey next year..

5....Antonio Daniels will play in the backcourt for the Washington Wizards this season. After the loss of their starting shooting guard this solidifies their will to win and win now. Small but effective, Arenas and Daniels should have a VERY effective year.

4....Donyell Marshall joins the Cleveland Cavaliers in what is Dan Gilbert's plan aka "CO-OP KEEP LEBRON!". This adds some veteran leadership aswell as a another good shooter to the team.

3....Larry Hughes will start at the SG for Cleveland next year. Part two of the Gilbert plan. A good running, dishing, shooting, jamming aswell as stealing partner for LeBron. Iglauskas, Marshall, James, Hughes...look out East.

2....Stromile Swift everyones favorite 6'9 big man well atleast according to ALL the teams trying to persuade him this offseason. But the Houston Rockets have landed him. A great addition to their roster, and maybe this can lead to a good run in the West..

1....Alright not the biggest signing as in marquee player BUT biggest in size and importance because he comes to our New York Knicks. Criticized for multiple things, well have to wait and see how he does in NY. Hopefully great because he truly is a genuine guy. good luck Jerome James the New York Knicks new starting Center...

Notable mentions...
Damon Stoudamire to the Memphis Grizzlies!!! Jeff McInnis to the [b]New Jersey Nets!!! Matt Walshto the Miami Heat!!! Cuttino Mobley to the LA Clippers!!! Nikoloz Tskitishvili & Dwayne Jones to the Minnesota Timberwolves!!! Bobby Simmons to the Milwaukee Bucks!!! Scott Padgett & Raja Bellto the Pheonix Suns!!! Juan Dixon to the Portland Trailblazers!!! Arvydas Macijauskas to the New Orleans Hornets!!! Brian Scalabrineto the Boston Celtics!!! Fabricio Oberto to the San Antonio Spurs!!! Sarunas Jasikevicius to the Indiana Pacers!!!

Ray Allen to stay with the Seattle Supersonics!!! Michael Redd to stay with the Milwaukee Bucks!!! Zydrunas Iglauskas to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers!!! Mark Madsen & Eddie Griffin to stay with the Minnesota Timberwolves!!! Kyle Korver & Samuel Dalembert to stay with the Philadelphia 76ers!!! Shaquille O'Neal & Udonis Haslem to stay with the Miami Heat!!! Robert Horry to stay with the San Antonio Spurs!!!

Teams giving, to get..

5....Sacramento will get Bonzi Wells...Greg Ostertag and Bobby Jackson will go to Memphis. Kings get a SG with the loss of Mobley and Memphis gains some reliable bench in the position of C and PG.

4....Los Angeles will get Kwame Brown and LaRon Profit...Washington will get both Caron Butler and Chucky Atkins...Los Angeles gets a big man and this further proves you stand up to Kobe, youll be shipped out. Riight Chucky? I actually think the Wizards get the positive of this situation. They got something for nothing (no offense to Profit). (Lakers lose their only point guard)..Caron Butler can start right away at the SF position and give them youth and athleticism which they love!

3....The New Jersey Nets land Shareef Abdur-Rahim for a couple future first round picks. Easy sign and trade, giving up nothing but the future in a sense. This is a win now attitude, and if everything clicks they WILL win the Atlantic!! Abdur-Rahim, Jefferson, Carter & Kidd...think im joking?

2....Atlanta will get Joe Johnson and Pheonix will recieve Boris Diaw-Riffiod, 2 future first round picks and the 4.9 million dollar exception...FINALLY someone purposely goes to Atlanta. This is a great pickup for them aswell as a sigh of relieve showing HEY people WILL sign here. With all that cap room something finally pays off. You cant deny the Suns pick ups though. 2 picks (atlanta will still stink)...4.9 million exception (free agents still on the market)...and a good young SG in Boris Diaw...I truly think this benefits both equally.

1.[img]...The New York Knicks get Quentin Richardson and Nate Robinson...The Pheonix Suns get Kurt Thomas and Dijon Thompson. A good move for both teams. They get toughness and a PF, we get youth and atleticism. Im not biased, but I have to admit the Knicks gets the better end of this. After the emurgence of N-ROB everyone will recognize my statement as true!

Notable mentions...
Jason Hart to the Sacramento Kings!!! Jake Voshkul to the Charlotte Bobcats!!!

NEW TRADE:::TO THE?!?!?!?!
Boston Celtics-- Qyntel Woods, Curtis Borchardt, Rights to Albert Miralles & 2 draft picks....
Miami Heat-- Antoine Walker, Andre Emmett, James Posey & Jason Williams & draft righs to Roberto Duenas
Utah Jazz-- Greg Ostertag....
Memphis Grizzlies-- Raul Lopez & Eddie Jones...
New Orleans Hornets-- Kirk Snyder & Rasual Butler ...

MORE NEWS AS IT COMES...Ill just keep additing it to this post!!!

At the moment all these transactions are hear-say. We will see in the upcoming weeks...Special thanks &!!!