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    Default Is ESPN a truithful source?

    Perhaps a few of you can recall a few weeks ago when Larry Brown was still head coach of the Pistons and the big news was weather or not Coach Brown would return to the Pistons for an other season. Well good ol ESPN were the first of the media vultures to report the Larry Brown saga, and that's cool. Here lies the problem. ESPN was the very first to anounce that Lary and the Pistons were parting ways. Why is this a problem you ask? This was a problem because Larry Brown had not left the Pistons. At that point there were no indications that he would even be fired. According to NY Post, Brown and Pistions were having a sit down to descuss the future of the team and Brown's helth. This is true and those of you that check on a regular basis like I do when it gets slow at work, know that this is true. ESPN reported that Brown was leaving nearly "one week" prior to the Pistons/Brown buy out. I find this intollerable. Just another example of Senior NBA writer for ESPN creating the news. Haven't we all learned from Pete Vecsy. The real question for sports fans is what else is ESPN telling us that is only parcially true are a parcially inaccurate?

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    espn reports news first then rumors. espn will usually only report these rumors after there is some form of basis to them... a la team execs or others with close knowledge of the situation. realgm tends to have these rumors first and 8 of 10 are usually right about them. if you wanna hear it first realgm usually is the source.

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    Marc Stein, Bucher, Hollinger? I can tolerate their speculation. Steven A. Smith? 2 loud although he's climbing.

    But Chad Ford? That guy is a fraud, ESPN Insider my butt. He's always piecing up unreal crap under that insider label. I speculate better than him anyday, jejejje. I believe he's headed for a teaching job at some university.

    Nevertheless, it's hard to ignore ESPN's reporting.

    NYPost's Peter Vecsey, many people don't like him, like myself, but have 2 give him his due because IMO he is a true insider.
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