In nba live 2003.....i used the knicks...

and i remember trading for stephon marbury and i also had jamal crawford off the bench(his rating sucked) cuz he had a high 3pt rating

then in 2004

i traded for crawford and had him as the starting Pg on my team cuz i liked him alot...

then in 2005 my team was

C-amare Stoudamire
Pf-Eddie Curry
Sf-Peja stojokovich
Pg-Jamal Crawford

I dont like using marbury in live cuz im just not good wit him so i traded him

this is relly odd.....i also in some other game ended up with tim thomas cuz i did a trade with the bucks and i had to make the contracts work (i think it was inside drive 2002 or 2003 i dont member witch one i own)

also like 8 years ago i had nba shootout or somthing(for psx)....and i traded allen houston from the pistons to the

Maybe on nba live 06 i should trade for

Kevin Garnet
Lebron James
Kobe Bryant
Ben Wallace
And Dwayne wade (or just keep stephon)

it could work

every thing i stated above is 100% true