What does destiny feel like? We got at former unversity of Washinton
star and soon-to-be NBA rookie Nate Robinson on draft night 2005 to find out.

"Its' not every day that you meet Isiah Thomas, Before the draft,I was in New York working out for the Knicks, and he was there, taking time to watch me, talk to me and teach Me. I could'nt belive it. My little brother who died as a baby in His crib, was named after Isiah, My cusin's named after Him too. My family always loved watching Him play.

I did'nt know it at the time, but meeting Him was destiny. When I left that workout,I left my soul there. Something told Me I needed to go back to New York,But at the time, I did'nt know how I'd get back there,because I was headed everywhere else. I was flying all over the counrty doing workouts.In the month leading up to draft day,I worked out for 13 teams. I kept the Airline industry in business. My first workout was May 21 in Denver. Then I went to Oakland,Houston,Memphis,L.A. to see the Lakers ,Toronto,New Orleans and the New York. After that I went to Seattle,Portland,back to L.A. to work out for the Clippers,then the Lakers again, then Utah. I had flights delayed,and some were cancelled. It was tiring, but I kept remembering what Isiah told Me: You gotta fight through this. It makes you stronger.
I did that. I've goten stronger. I went up aganst Chris Thomas,Danny Granger,Jon Gilchrist,and I held My own. I worked out with Will Bynum twice, and We've become great freinds. Before the Draft, people asked Me if I thought my stock was going up or down. I didn't care, really. I was just enjoying the thought of being a part of the Draft. I called my buddy Jamal Crawford-We're both from Seattle-dnd asked Him what it was like sitting there on Draft day, and He said it was crazy.
Now I know what He meant. My names was just called ,and the Suns selected Me with the 21st pick. I'm at home celebrating with My parents, my8-month old son Nahmier,my family and my best freind Markes Adams. There are 200 people here, goin crazy like we just won the lottery. But then I see the bottom of the TV screen. The Suns are trading Me to the Knicks. I'm stunned. Memories of meeting Isiah flood back. I can't wait to see Him again. I get to learn from one of the greatest point gaurds ever, and I get to play with Jamal. I get to play in the basketball capital of the world.
It's a perfect story,and here's why-what I'm about to tell you now is no lie. I had a dream last nigt that I was going to get picked 21st. It's weird. My baby brother Isiah died on the 21st, and it's a number I could'nt get out of my head. Now I've been picked 21st, and I'm playing for Isiah-the namesake of My baby brother and My family's favorite player. It's amazing how everything works out.
God blessed me, and I thank Him every day for giving me the opportunity to do something that others can only dream about. To everyone who supported Me, I thank you from the bottom of My heart. Isiah, Jamal- I'm on My way

Its close to a month old and im sure that some of you have already read this.....but i dont remember seeing this in these forums....i got it off of knicks4life.com