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jj a step in the right direction???

i dont know what everyones obsession with gasol is. hes a skinny kid who isnt a true center, hed. hes not a great rebounder. his career is hitting a plateau. he doesnt have much upside left.

miles is another tim thomas. he will never reach his potential. i take a pass on him.

im sick of isiah getting these marginal players and making them out to be such studs. crawford, qrich, rose, taylor, jyd, etc...and the one opportunity that he had to get a star, VINCE CARTER, he BLEW. its so funny that all he had to give up to get carter was JYD (who he WAIVED), kurt, and tim or penny. he gave up kurt for qrich anyway. doesnt that raise some question marks in peoples heads???

imagine if we had VINSANITY at the 2/3 instead of Q.

isiah has blown many opportunities. if he really has a chance to get garnett i hope he doesnt blow it because he thinks hes giving up too much for him.
First of all, Gasol is a 4 not a 5. Now I know that Memphis spotted him at the 5, but if he came to NY he would play the 4. He can dominate the low post at the 4 and he demands a double team every time he touches the ball. JJ is 270 pounds and 7' tall. We got him for LESS than what we were paying KT.... Yeah, he is a step in the right direction. Also, it was Marbury Isiah wouldn't trade for Carter! He was willing to give up anyone but Steph that was the deal breaker. I think he should have made that trade but he didn't and Toronto ended up with zilch. In fact, Isiah was trying to force Toronto to take Houston at first. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but if you think Gasol is a bad move then you obviously haven't seen him play! He has banged with all the big guys in the west and held his own.