My favorite football team is the Miami Dolphins

I predict they will go 8-8 or 9-6 we no longer have that scrub feely staring at the Qb spot.......gus ferotte impressed me during the preseason....

we have a pretty good hb and our o line improved....we have a solid reciever core with

chris chambers-one of the best in the league (his stats dont show cuz look who he had throwin him the ball)

Marty Booker-One of the recievers u dont hear much about but is a very good player

David Boston-Very strong and quick for how bulky he is....

and our maine problem last year was our o-line and d-line.....

our o-line improved......and our d-line improved alot.....

we gave up alot of sacks last year witch costed our qb to hurry his throws

and our defense running stoppage was one of the worst in the league last year......

our secondary was one of the best in the league.....but with the loss of

Pat. Surtain, Sammy Knight,Arturo Freeman and not much cb depth we look very weak in that dept.

we stil have a great lb core with

Channing Crowder (rookie with a huge future)
Zach Thomas-The best lb in the league after ray ray .....(go ahead and disagree i no u guys will....he is very underated)
Juniour Seau-I dont have much to expect from him...he is a lil old but can still play....just hope he stays off the Ir)

So tell me about your favorite team and what they have good going for them and what they have bad going for them