Are yall kidding me? Allan Houston has been one of the Knicks worst free agent pick-ups since coming to the team from Detriot. He the worst free agent pick up in Knicks history. The Knicks are known for hard nosed in your face basketball. Allan Houston is every bit as soft as ice cream. He never could play defense I dont care how many jumpshots he hits, definatley the luckiest player in the league becuase no other manager other than the worst in the history of the leauge wouldve given him $120mill.....his numbers never justified that kind of money. And face Houston was never a marquee player at any point in his career. Alot of Knick fans I think are dellusional to even think that he was that valuable to the team ok ok he hit one shot over Miami...big Deal we all know that year w/o Camby and Sprewell and Ward this team wouldve went no where. Ill be glad when Houston retires I say good riddance. U know youre not that good of a ball player when your boss( CableVision) has to but you in the optimum online commercials becuase they felt they were getting enough from what they were paying you for the season. He needs to take that money and disappear.