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    Default Larry Brown ESPN article

    Below is a link to an ESPN article pertaining to Larry Brown's first one on one talk with the media since being the Knicks coach...I love Larry but I think this article further more points to my opinion of "The man is going senile"...List of reasons? Wanting to move Marbury to SG. Wanting to trade for Eric Snow. and now this, the worst of them all...

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    hmm interesting read.. i have a lot of respectt for larry if i had the choice to pick any coach to coach the knicks i think id choose him. I disagree about houston being the best player tho
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    I’m sure that he made that comment intentionally to motivate Marbury. It also doesn’t hurt to make a team leader whom everyone expected to be cut feel wanted.

    Bottom line is that the biggest things the Knicks needed were defense, a more efficient offense, and a positive environment. Larry Brown must first establish that positive environment for his strategy changes to be effective: he has to convince the Knicks that if they buy into his philosophy and work like a team they’ll win games. Think of when Isiah first took over, got Marbury, hired Wilkens and suddenly the Knicks came to life and played like they wanted to win, and as a result won. Or when Van Gundy left mid-season and suddenly the Knicks started to play as if they were just happy to there, and as a result lost.

    If Brown leaves things exactly how they were last season and lets Marbury and, less so, Crawford lead the team while running wild, the necessary on-court improvements cannot occur. If team leadership is in the hands of tested veterans like Houston and Rose, who will play the way they are asked, it’s much easier to get everyone on board then when your team leader belittles his teammates for missing shots and does not play defense. Ideally, Marbury, clearly the team's most talented player, will then be motivated to earn a leadership role and become the best player.

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    this article makes me think that there is hope for allan houston. isiah easily could have waived him isntead of JYD, i think thats what we were all expecting. the fact that he didnt says something. the fact that larry is talking about allan possibly starting from day one also says something. cuz basically, u would think everyone would just stop eeven mentioning h20 and just assume that hes career is basically done.

    i am not sure, but can someone check: is allan houston recovering from the same injury as jason kidd? kidd seemed to come back alright...if houston can come back in the same fashion, it would not be that bad...

    the only thing is that we would then have craw, houston and qrich all fighting for minutes...

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