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Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2005*
Post subject: DNA TEST - The real story
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I have it from a source within the Bulls organization that the whole DNA story is really not at all about his heart condition, but that is simply what is being leaked out to the press. The real story is that the owner of the Bulls has a niece who is a member of the Chicago Bulls Luvable Dancers (their version of knick citydancers). Apparently this woman is claiming that she was pregnated by Curry who has denied these allegations and the woman is preparing to sue him (for his $$ for support) to own up that he is the father. Paxson has been ordered by ownership to get a DNA test to prove he is the father of this child, not about his heart. This story will break in a few days.

Doesn't mean Curry doesn't have a heart problem anymore.

LuvaBulls dance squad (below). KnicksCityDancers are much better.

Anyone wanna play the guessing game?