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  • SF Matt Barnes

    4 44.44%
  • C Jackie Butler

    5 55.56%
  • PF Otis George

    0 0%
  • PG Steven Barber

    0 0%
  • PG Jamison Brewer

    0 0%
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    Default 5 bodies, 2 roster spots...

    The Knicks have 13 guaranteed contracts on board, which leaves open two roster spots, to be filled by:

    SF Matt Barnes,
    C Jackie Butler,
    PF Otis George,
    PG Steven Barber or
    PG Jamison Brewer

    I say stay with Barnes and Butler.
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    oh of course Matt Barnes & Jackie Butler are my first and only choices. As you can see in last nights game I think they are Larry's as well. Barber & George didnt even get in the game. Now Brewer is the odd man out here but that doesnt bother me, its weird that hes back here in the first place to me...

    now the part that scares me is that Antonio Davis has taken Allan Houston's locker (given to him by the way). In the paper he spoke of now being happy to be here and trying to bring the knicks back to greatness. He also said he spoke to Brown & Isiah who informed him he WASNT here so they can trade his contract at deadline. He IS here to bring veteran leadership to the team...

    if he stays we would have Curry, Davis, James, Frye, Taylor, Rose and even Lee clogged at the C/PF positions and only Marbury, Crawford, Hardaway, Robinson, at the G's (unless now that Houstons gone Q goes back to SG)...

    so by depth chart you would assume they would sign a Guard aswell...but i hope hope hope they choose quality over quantity and go with Jackie Butler & Matt Barnes.
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    I still think they should play Curry at the 4. I think this will help him and the Knicks 2 fold. One, we would have a 7'1", 280 pound Center and a 6'11", 300 pound PW that could clog up the front court. 2 I think it would help him with his foul troubles as well. Curry could slip into the 5 spot, from time to time, through out the game. Also, after watching Frye play, he is more like a 3 than anything else. His game is a 3, his approach is 3 and (I hate to say it) he reminds me of Charles Smith. I think he has a sweet 15 foot jumper and also has range for his size, but lacks the toughness to bang low. He has the ability to block a shot from time to time, but I see him being pushed around if he plays either the 5 or the 4. I think Brown will have to experement with him to find his true NBA position. Lee, on the other hand, looks like he is a little bit of a bruiser. I like his tenacity and agression when it come to defense. I think they should pick up Mat Barnes to fill one of the positions. He hustles, plays D (Browns style) and is an unslefish player who is team oriented. Would be a great fit for NY (plus he comes cheap). Butler should be kept as well.

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