there was five reasons i wanted houston to retire..
1. so we can get a free roster spot (CHECK)
2. so we only have to pay 20% of his paycheck (CHECK)
3. so we can move on and stop with this hopeless nostalgia (CHECK)
4. so we can get cap relieft (NOPE)
5. so we can get that 5 million dollar player exception (NOPE)

because the league is technically unsure when the injury happened (could blame it on him reinjuring it in practice recently) they are unsure if they can take his salary off the cap THIS SEASON!? ridiculous huh? so because he tried to implement hope and more so his stubborness his salary will probably stay on the cap THIS YEAR. Next Year it will more the probably get wiped off the rather wait for the cap removal compared to this part...

Now the part that realllly pisses me off. because Allan waited two weeks too long, we more than certainly wont get that "disabled player exception"!! why? because if a player is injured before July 1st they need to use the exception before OCTOBER 1st. Two weeks ago!!! So if Isiah wants it hell have to convince the league Allan was injured in training camp this year...

so its more of a one or the other situation. and i think the league will just wipe his salary off the books, and not give us that 5 million dollar exception..

woke up early and read this trash. but i guess i have to look on the least we have room for Butler & Barnes..