The New York Knicks had three first round picks in the 2005 NBA Draft and they used one on Nate Robinson, an exciting, undersized point guard. The 5-9, 180-pound high-flyer is built like Spud Webb with an extra 20 pounds of muscle. editor Jeff Lenchiner met with Nate the Great early in preseason for an exclusive interview. When did you develop those crazy hops? I want them.

Nate Robinson: Ah, man, I was born with them. God blessed me with them. So when you were a little kid, you were already getting up higher in the air than little kids are supossed to?

Nate Robinson: Honestly, yeah. It just came natural. Something that came natural. I was born with it. What was your greatest experience in high school?

Nate Robinson: State championship. We played against this team called Mercer Island. We just jumped on them early and put them away. We went 28-1 (that season) and finished fifth in the nation.

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