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    Bogut will be a bust, thats been my prediction from day one..and no that prediction has not come true yet BUT Milwaukee gives you a sure sign of that...

    The Milwaukee Bucks have sent next years first round pick and Desmond Mason to the New Orlean Hornets for Center Jamal Magloire.

    great move by both teams but i specifically like it on New Orleans end. They get rid of a possible injury hazard in Magloire and replace George Lynch who wants to leave the team asap and has been banned from practices with athletic and talented Desmond Mason...well see how it pans out.
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    I don't think Bogut is gonna be a complete bust. Anyone who's watched him in Int'l play and in the Olympics vs. the US knows that he can hold his own. He'll have a couple of years of putting up 6pts 5rbs but he should be able to progress nicely.

    As proven in the Olympics against the US (Duncan none-the-less) he put very respectable numbers. His aggressive play in the paint coupled with the fact that he truly is a back to the basket CENTER, is why teams have been salivating after him. There will be alot of long nights ahead of him but given time he will be a decent CENTER (Brad Miller case in point). He may even be a decent consideration at the PF for the Bucks.

    This move makes the Bucks that much more competitive in the Eastern Conference. (PG) TJ Ford has come back from his injury and has picked up right where he left off. (SG) Redd is arguably one of the top 10 best SG's in the league. (SF) Simmons is a team player that does all the little things...defend, rebound, score. (PF) Bogut could instantly be an upgrade over Joe Smith. (C) Magloire is the much needed presence in the middle.

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    I read some article on espn, I think regarding this trade and they broke it down from both perspectives. I actually think that the Bucks came out pretty good on this one. Most likely Bogut is not ready to be a full time starter anyways and the article showed how the bucks got a bunch of swingman with not enough room in the rotation. So they grabbed Magloire and sent off Mason.
    If I remember correctly they said something about the bucks having Bobby simmons and welch...well something like that...sorry for being too lazy to look for the article

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