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    Default Plus/Minus Over Two Games

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    Crawford & Ariza need to start, according to this. Our team is better when they are on the floor. Funny how the youth, if given more time- with n8, JC, ariza, frye and Mo are ridiculously better than the starters. However, I really want to see a line-up with Marbs, JC, Ariza, Davis and Curry with JC as the main ball handler. Though, when Davis is with JC, Marbs, Ariza and Rose, we net 2 more points and allow opponents 2 fewer points. Opponents also only get 20% of their shots from close range- which also means Marbs and Craw are playing good D on the perimeter and the ball is TO'd 20% less when JC and Marbs are together. For sure, Barnes needs to get out of the starting line up.

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    first this should not even be a seperate topic from the one you already started, its pretty much the same garbage. how are we RIDICULOUSLY better? it makes no sense. you are judging this on two damn games. TWO. they are not better they are just good COMING OFF THE BENCH. you have players already tired and u send out these guys of course they are going to beast. simple as that. maurice taylor young? i said if frye, robinson and taylor were to start the the rest of the games wed be battling new orleans for last place at the end of the year. i thinks its pretty ridiculous were ranting and raving about happenings of two games...robinson ridiculously better than marbury? pretty interesting didnt robinson have 3 to's in 5 minutes last night?.

    ..and please please stop humping the leg of crawford. hes good but hes not great. not saying Q is, but Q's bigger, stronger, better shot selection ALL of his career (minus PHO cause he did wat he was ordered to do) and not just for preseason aka JC, he can post up!, hes played good D ALL his career, and is definetely more dedicated as he knows what he should do to win unlike JC who everyone knows should bulk up and put on muscle mass and hasnt gained an ounce since draft day...

    i like crawford and i think hes a valuable asset to this team BUT i just think Quentin should start...and once he gets completely healed from the hamstring i think a lot of ppl will agree with me...
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