There is no patience when it comes to NY. They have to keep trying. LB and Steph are always talking about being in NY when it can actually be a curse. The roster is not the greatest but it is workable. IMO, Q, Ariza, and Frye should start. But anyway. This is the curse of being in NY. When the Heat were 0-7 in 2003, and the Bulls started 0-9 last year. It was noticed by not a big deal like the Knicks. Their teams were known for being bad and they did not have big names on their teams, so the scrutiny was not as high. They eventually got it.

LB has to come up with a rotation immediately first. His preseason mode cant last any longer. I believe in LB. He's an X's and O's man. He may change the line-up a few more times. Maybe start Penny at point or bring Steph off the bench like a Ben Gordon. LB's experimenting is also hurting the Knicks right now. Might be good in the long run but uts hurting. Brown just needs a consitent lineup. After that they will still lose. Then they might pick it up.

Honestly, to all those who follow the Knicks, take a break. Follow from a distance. They are a work in progress team, so the construction sight is just a mess. But if you step away a little and come back later you might see it come together a little.