After their 105-95 win in Sacramento, the New York Knicks find themselves on a one-game winning streak and full of hope that their brutal 0-5 start to the season was just a necessary growing pain.

Another reason for optimism: Many have made the point in recent days, at ESPN and elsewhere, that Larry Brown's teams "always start slowly and then improve."

But is it true? Are Brown's teams always slow to find the flow?

We decided to look it up.

The answer? Sort of, kind of, sometimes. But not really.

At three of his previous professional coaching stops, Brown's teams indeed started very slowly -- a combined two wins and 18 losses. Remarkably, two of those three teams made the playoffs despite the wretched early-season performance. The other made the playoffs the subsequent year.

However, on three other occasions, Brown took teams that had been below .500 the previous year and started spectacularly, with a combined 17-1 mark. Each of these three teams made the playoffs.

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Good read. Especially his track records with the other teams he coached