in 30 minutes per night, heres my projections for frye and lee's stats:

frye: 13.5 points, 7 rebounds
lee: 9 points, 11 rebounds

it would be a well balanced attack:

with curry as the dominant big guy that posts up in the middle as the center, blocks some shots and gets some rebounds

frye as the big man who runs the floor in transition to get easy buckets, can play some pick and roll with marbury and hit a 15-18 foot jump shot, get some rebounds, and be active overall in the game

lee as a small/power forward who works really hard on the glass, especially on the offensive end, hustles, and creates extra possessions

qrich - the 3 point specialist who gets easy shots when other guys get double teams or marbury penetrates and dishes

marbury - the point guard who does whatever the team needs him to do

crawford, ariza, barnes and nate will be the sparkplugs off the bench as the small guys...and mo taylor, rose, james and davis will be hte veteran big men comming off the bench

this is what i wanna see...i hope larry makes this happen as soon as possible...

i can envision the knicks winning 45 games this pleasently surprised by how much better lee and frye are compared to what i thought they would be like