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Thread: Let kids play!

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    Default Let kids play!

    Everyone, I am a big Marbury critic but he will be fine. He just needs to work on his outside shooting. What I don't want to see are these fossil players taking time away from the young guys. Every time the Knicks make a run in games its when the young guys are on the court. Please I don't want to see Antonio Davis, Malik Rose, Maurice Taylor or Anfernee Hardaway, take one more minute from our young guys. We should look to trade or dump all of these guys for a servicable point guard.

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    Why is Maurice Taylor on your list? For the time he has been in he has been great. He has been risking his body taking the charges, playing good D, rebounding, and blocking a few shots. He also has a very good offensive game, but for some reason he is on the DL?

    Also AD has been doing fine, but he should not be starting, let AD get his 15-20 minutes a game as the backup center. Hopefully Jerome James wil stay on the IR untill we trade him or if we dont trade him just keep him there.

    Penny hasnt gotten really much time, but penny can still hit that jumper with consistancy if givn time, i dont want him to have time but dont bash a guy who doesnt get any burn.

    Malik has done ok, he is an average defender who has almost 0 offensive game. I dont like this guy at all, i wish he woulda got cut not jerome williams.

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