The Knicks are struggling..but we all saw this coming. Steph and Brown will haave runins. They are 2 hard headed people. Steph is not defying brown. Steph just doesnt like to lose. If Steph gets traded, whatever, as long as it makes the team better. I like steph, I think it will click. His finding his teamates was a problem last year, now that is all he is doing well. Last year he scored too much, this year he cant score enough.

But Knicks country, the fans, are going crazy. I see the frustration fellow Knick fans. So am I. This teams can look so good sometimes but they melt every 3 qtr. Steph should score in that qtr. Anyway, Knicks fans have hope. LB needs 20 games to do his thing. its only game 9, (10 coming up). Just keep Hope. The young guns are doing that for me. Frye is the man.