1. Tim Thomas, Bulls: Thus far this season, Thomas has played only 32 minutes in eight games and scored only 13 points. Says Thomas: "It's just a waste of time being here if I'm not going to play and help the team. On the other hand, it seems like it's a waste of time for the organization. So let's just shake hands and go about it and part ways." —Odds of Bulls being able to trade his $13.6million contract: 10-1.

2. Stephon Marbury, Knicks: It took only seven games for the rift between Marbury, the self-declared "greatest point guard in the NBA" — and Larry Brown to go public. Marbury made it clear he doesn't like having to run set plays most of the time and told Brown he wants to be used like Brown used Allen Iverson in Philadelphia. —Odds of Knicks trading Marbury: 5-2.

3. Jalen Rose, Raptors: The $15million dollar man's 551-game streak of scoring at least one point ended Wednesday when he didn't score and committed four fouls — three offensive — in seven minutes of uninspiring action. Afterward, he made it clear he wasn't happy with his benching. —Odds of Raptors trading Rose: 3-1.

4. Vladimir Radmanovic, SuperSonics: Radmanovic turned down a six-year, $42million contract offer in the summer so he could become a free agent. Naturally, he is unhappy to be averaging only 18 minutes for one of the league's worst teams. His agent says he won't demand a trade but will if things haven't changed after a dozen games. —Odds of Sonics trading Radmanovic: 2-1.

5. Malik Rose, Knicks: Unlike Marbury, the former Spurs player isn't feuding with his coach or causing problems, but Rose can't be happy with his limited role. Accustomed to playing for a title contender, Rose wants to be a contributor on a good team, and he could be. Trouble is, he has four more years at more than $29million. —Odds of Knicks trading Rose: 8-1.

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