Steph has played well. The Detroit loss was a loss to a better team. Steph played toe to toe with his counter part, Billups. Steph wasbeing more agressive but got no calls all game. The thrid quater was bad but look at the lineup. Frye, Butler, and Crawford were great. They really gettin done. Ariza still is behimd in his game. He plays great D but is O is questionale. But no doubt he brongs it. I was Lee would play cuz I think he's better than Ariza. Nate has his games, but better then much before. I just dont like when Steph improves he his due credit is very mum. When he does bad it is beaten to a pulp. Q is a liability, Rose cant take a jump shot, Lee can. Davis is only ggod use for direction, like when he plays with the young guns. This team is getting there. Game by Game.