Is it just me or is Eddy Curry one of the dumbest basketball players you have ever seen? He has so much talent and ability but plays the game with the brain of a retard. He gets soooooo many Offensive fouls and makes some real dumb ass mistakes. I really hope he gets going pretty soon because I think if he starts playing like he did last year with the Bulls, we will win a lot of games. The Knicks came back and won against Seattle, if they had a healthy Curry out there dominating and demanding the double, then they would be so much better.

Also Jerome James must think really highly of himself, and not realize how baldy he blows. I have read multiple quotes in articles about him saying "how much Seattle misses him because he is a 'presence'". Also he said the Knicks missed him because of his inside game and all this other nonsense.......This guy is a bum, in the Seattle game he made one or two nice plays and had a block. WOW buddy you are such a contributor, i hope he turns it around because he coiuld help the team, but I doubt the Knicks missed him and I doubt Seattle misses him because he is overpaid as hell, and looks fat as **** out there.