After the loss to the Bucks. I wanted the vets gone. Yes even Starbury...It gets me even more mad b/c I was finally able to get a #3 jersey. I mean damn. They do not move the ball the right way, they always try to force a play. Thats what the turnovers are for. This team is bad and last nights game kind of murdered all hopes for a season that we can smile about. Last night I was upset I wanted all the vets gone. With the vets on the team I cannot be happy with a 6-13 record. If the vets were gone I would mind a Raptor record. (those guys are young). However half of our team has is abou 22-23 years old. So its still a team that has a lot to learn. Steph never had a big man for so long, now that he has one he doent know how to use him. Know one does. The just the post up.
Any way I have to be patient. But I need help man. I love me Knicks but they dont love me. A lot of other fans of other teams bash us and we cant say nothing back.
I say this team is not bad and getting better but how can I say last nights game wa sa hiccup when we have more losses that wins.

Help me...Im a Knick fan