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    Default Help me...Im a Knick Fan

    After the loss to the Bucks. I wanted the vets gone. Yes even Starbury...It gets me even more mad b/c I was finally able to get a #3 jersey. I mean damn. They do not move the ball the right way, they always try to force a play. Thats what the turnovers are for. This team is bad and last nights game kind of murdered all hopes for a season that we can smile about. Last night I was upset I wanted all the vets gone. With the vets on the team I cannot be happy with a 6-13 record. If the vets were gone I would mind a Raptor record. (those guys are young). However half of our team has is abou 22-23 years old. So its still a team that has a lot to learn. Steph never had a big man for so long, now that he has one he doent know how to use him. Know one does. The just the post up.
    Any way I have to be patient. But I need help man. I love me Knicks but they dont love me. A lot of other fans of other teams bash us and we cant say nothing back.
    I say this team is not bad and getting better but how can I say last nights game wa sa hiccup when we have more losses that wins.

    Help me...Im a Knick fan

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    I hear you man, and I was at that disgrace performance they called a game last night. It was one of my boy's first trip to the garden to see the Knicks, and I was hyping it up soooo much, and then that happens. I felt like an idiot and wanted to give him his money back. Nobody should experience MSG for the first time and see that garbage. Marbury is terrible and so is Crawford, we can never win with those two guys in the backcourt. Isiah should get rid of both of them, i dont care who we get. It would be addition by subtraction. Those two lost the PHX game and the LAC game for us with their poor shooting and terrible decisions. I was impressed with Craw after the Bulls and Sonics game, but i guess if he doesnt have something to prove then he just plays like ****. I hate James, Crawford, and Marbury.

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    we're all knicks fans here but i think some are A LOT more optimistic or easily persuaded when it comes to hope for the knicks. I think when its all said and done (with the roster we have now) well finish in that 20+ region in the league (same as i ranked them before the season started). we have a lot of wholes to fill and we dont have a permanent SF. Could we win the Atlantic? sure. Could we sneak in with the 6-7-8 depending on how crappy other teams are? yes. anything is possible but were young and under a new system. marbury & crawford arent the blame. no one is in fact. its just our chemistry and our roster. who really needs to go is Davis, Hardaway, Rose, James & even Taylor. if we pick up the rumored KG (long shot) or Artest (better chance but still unlikely) THEN we have a great chance to have a successful season, but until then relax and realize were coming into our own..
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