Things keep getting worse for this team. We look good on paper, and evanthough this is stupid...on the xbox games the knicks have one of the best starting 5s in the game. In real life, i just dont understand why we are so bad. Instead of getting studying done for finals i came up w/ a few theories

Incentive theory
Put yourself in a basketball players shoes. You sign a contract and are guaranteed that money no matter what happens on the court. I dont know about you, but if my boss told me that Im gettin paid no matter what...thats the moment my body shuts off and goes into "Partying, bangin groupies on the road, buying anything i ever wanted mode" The last thing I am worried about are old bosses, and broke pathetic customers who boo me at the office. I may sound like some kind of raging Capitalist here, but humans need incentives to funciton. No incentives? Ask Russia how that worked out for their economy.

Ewing theory
Eveyone has heard this one. It was made popular by Bill Simmons from espn

The curse of Marbury
Any entity doth has de-flowered will languish into oblivion. In other words, this guy is radioactive. This curse is evil man.

Layden's egg theory / Allan Houston rule
His historic blunders Sott Layden made transcend single seasons. This guy f'ed up our team so bad, he put us in hole for the entire decade. Payroll was high to begin w/, and Isaiha has only made it worst trying to make a decent product. If there is no money to spend, then there are no players that will come here. And buy dumping bad contracts, you rarley get star power in return (only NJ pulled it off w/ Carter)

Theres probably more theories out there. Its possible that a massive win streak can get us back in the season, but i thinks its pretty clear that there isnt much hope in this franchise. Not unless drastic changes are made. Bring Artest. Ship out Marburry for magic beans. Strangle somthing Isaiha, you approval rating is horrible right now!!!