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    Default Brown finanlly settles on rotation..Whats Ahead

    Well, I guess you can say that the Knicks had the longest training camp in the history of sports. After 20 games into the season of experimenting, now the season begins with the Knicks on Wednesday against the Magic. 20 games of frustration and tinkering with the Knicks.

    The first 20 games, showed promise and disheartenment. The vets have showed nothing to show their worth. Steph has his moments for the most part but now clutchness ofr a player of his caliber. JC off the bench seems like a good idea. Nate going to be the next John Starks in terms of attitude. Curry and James have not found their game yet. Channing simply great. All that equalling 6-14.

    Now thatthe rotation is settles what can we expect? More heart ache. But im gues you wont see a change untill 10 more games. Now the team has to gell. Curry must be used correctly. Defense has been decent first 20 games. Turnovers what hurt us. Buy our 30 games the team shoul dbe committing less turnovers with a consistent rotation. Nate and JC work we together and they definately will kill any bench back court. Now that traing camp is finally over. lets see whatthey can do.

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    And 10 days later, the lineup still isnt set...

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