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    Default Isiah on with Fatcessa

    Seems on that there's no go on the Knicks pursuit of Ron Artest based on what Isiah said in this interview.

    BTW...I like how that fat blob Mike is talking to Isiah in such a condescending manner. I mean Isiah is an idiot GM, but Mike knows less about ball than Isiah's big toe. And he keeps putting words in his mouth and interrupting's amazing that Isiah isn't getting PO'd.

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    I heard the same times I wanted to jump through the radio and screm "let IT answer the fricking questions."
    It was interesting to hear IT put the focus on Frye and Curry...
    Also, he certainly didn't disagree when Jabba the Hut said that "Q, Craw and Steph are not Larry Brown players..." sure we all know that, but IT didn't really stand up for them

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