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I think we fans don't have to go any further trying to find out the problem w/ the team after reading this one. If they were fighting over their record and poor play, then its not bad...but fighting over a football bet?????

This shows us where the mindframe of this team is at. Nate Robinson is gona end up worse than Artest at te rate he is going. This little **** should have got demoted to the NBADL weeks ago. I dont care about his hops, he needs to grow up already.

This entire team needs to be destroyed now. Send everyone packing except for Frye! How optimistic are you guys about the Knicks after readig this?? I think its safe to say that this team shouldn't even be defended by us anymore. Are only hope is to put up the white flag, and loose every game for the rest of the season. Isiaha better hope that no trade proposals for Artest leek their way in the papers, because if we had a chance to keep Frye and still get Artest, then Thomas should be punished for not jumping on it. We have enough selfish players on this team as it is, so we minus well trade for another selfish player that actually has talent. This team makes me sick = (