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    Default [NY Post] Zeke Tells Steph: 'walk Like A Man'

    Stephon Marbury and Knicks president Isiah Thomas sat at a table under a basket, deep in conversation.
    During Wednesday night's embarrassing Garden loss to the Spurs, the hometown son of Coney Island was slammed with boos after he was obliterated by Tony Parker and taken out of the game with 3:11 left in the third quarter.

    It's unclear whether the two were discussing remarks Thomas made over the weekend, in which he called Channing Frye, Eddy Curry and Larry Brown the team's "three pieces" to build around.

    "I said, these are really tough times for him as a man and a basketball player," Thomas said. "This is a time when you really show the type of person you are and what you're made of. You've got a wife, kids, who are watching you, and they have to watch you handle a tough situation. Be manly about it."

    Marbury, when asked about the conversation, said "no comment." Regarding the building-block remark, Thomas said Marbury was still part of the team's future, but added, "When Channing is 27 and Curry is 27 five years from now, I don't know where Stephon will be. I hope he's still playing basketball. I hope he's still playing for the Knicks."

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    It seems like Steph won't be a part of the team for too long now

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    he will be. stephon will be a knick past deadline and the deadline after that. unless someone gives up solid things in return. heres why. steph has a huge contract and with only about 9 teams under the cap and only say 6 having contracts to absorb his NO ONE WILL TAKE HIS CONTRACT. its much harder than it looks. im not sayin this because hell become the best player in the league im saying this in a financial sense.

    and if we do find someone willing to trade expiring contracts for him they also have to take a HUGE luxury tax with him. which means wed have to give up something more like draft picks.

    I only see one suitor and thats Atlanta. He played at Georgia Tech and there looking to make a name for themselves finally. buts thats a long shot.

    steph will be a knick like it or not. unless some other GM and especially OWNER wants to take on the bloated contract.
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