The Knicks get off to bad starts all the time. And they only play well when they feel they are about to lose. Most of the time the team that tries to come back is completely different from theteam that starts.

Starting line up:

Finishing Line up:

Come on. That line up brought so much energy. Nate is great. Steph got booed rightly so, even though it broke my heart. But Steph needs to bring that type of energy and enthusiasm and nastinest that Nate brings. Nate is not a LB type pg. Steph is more that type than Nate but Nate always make something happen.

I watched Steph closely against the Nets and he is so blah out there. He plays good but his demeanor is what kills this team. Dont know how he is behind the scene but on stage he is bland no expression passion or desire. He may say he has it but he has to shoe it.
When Nate steps on the court the Garden is in anticipation, Nate knows that. The Garden fills with a buzz when Nate is on the floor and the players feel it and play better. The oppents feel it and get worried. Steph steps on the court and brings no anticipation. He's soft. Love him but he's soft. No external passion.

LB needs to compromise his coaching and let the kids play. Why is Lee inactivated. Imagine Nate and Lee on the same court. The defense would improve.

The starters have to set a tone early. Set a mood for the game. Energy wins games, energy helps you play D and helps your O.

Step up Knicks.