This How this knicks startin lineup should be:

PG- Stephan Marbury
SG-Jamal Crawford
SF- Quinten Richardson
PF- Channing Frye
C- Eddy Curry

With this lineup let them play...dont call a play everytime down court...let them get a flow and no each other more...running a set play everytime down court does not put us in a rythm...

Earlly in the season Larry Brown tried that and we were in the game...everyone was hyped up and especially marubry....cause he playin at the pace he wants and can run the offense...everyone was in rythem...we won a few of those games...and i have no clue y larry brown went away from it...i like watchin the kicks play at a more up beat tempo then the opposing team...makes the other team wory a bit... and wen that happens we can control the game...we are always playin catch up... and we cant get no rytem if were always gonna have to play catch up...

2nd Unit:

PG- Nate Robinson
SG- Jamal Crawford
SF- Trevor Ariza/Qyntel Woods ( Woods can give us an outside shot...)
PF-Antonio Davis/ David Lee
C- Jackie Butler/ Jerome James