Now, what's with the Rose rumor?? Do the knicks really need another overpaid underachiever from a small market team who won't handle the pressure here!! Even if we get a draft pick with him, so what? Do we REALLY need more inexperienced rookies???. I don't know what the heck Zeke is thinking, it's making me sick not going after Artest with all we what if we give up couple of rookies (excluding CF) and an expiring contract, we still gonna have three or four more. I'm one of the biggest knicks fans but I’m honestly losing patience here. Lets follow in the footsteps of the Yankees (the greatest franchise in the world) and go after superstars cuz that whole Rookies movement ain't gonna take us nowhere, don't get me wrong, 2 or 3 rookies on your team is cool, but superstars win championships...NY FANS DESERVE BETTER...peace