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After reading that, its hard to think of anything positive about the team. But if you break the players down individually, there are some brighter moments.

Marbury= D-
We all respect him for altering his game to suit Larry, and we all know he can ball against the best of them one on one, but he gets paid way too much to play like Eric Snow. If he can open up to the media and show some leadership like Jermaine O' Neal, KG, or even Kobe, then i think he wouldn't be the direct target of of NYC's ire. Still is the team leader in stats atleast, and that deserves a D at the very least.

Crawford= B
He has vastly improved from last year without a doubt. When he is hot he can torch the hoop. But he still needs to be a little more consistant. For a 6th man, he is going to get better. He does work well w/ Larry.

Robinson= B-
He has been playing better. His scoring has gone up as well as his assists. He gets an A+ in the heart department, and thats all us fans can really ask for at this point. Still for a rookie he talks to much, and he has gotten into 2 fights already w. his own team. He better work on that if he wants to get decent contract one day.

Richardson = F
Sorry Q. We all feel bad about ur back and ur brother. But he does not fit on this team at all. I think we all miss Kurt.

Ariza= B-
If only he can score atleast 12 a game. His athleticism is great though, and many teams would love to have a guy like that on their roster.

Taylor= C
He can score if he puts up alot of shots, but I just plain dont like him.

Rose= C-
The only credit he gets is for having a good attitude and being a sort of leader. But he hurts this team more than help.

Davis= C-
Hes openly frustrated with the team's record. And he also is thought to be a great leader for young guys. I love that about him, but we would be better if he didnt get much playing time.

Frye= A
This kid is gona be great. I would like to see him cut his fouls in half and work more on creating a shot off the dribble like KG did. Also would be nice to see him more aggresive on the rebounding and blocking front

Lee= C
Everyone seems to like this guy and I do to. But hit a damn free throw and maybe he would get more burn

Curry= B+
Hes got to get in shape! And he needs to learn to pass the ball. Some of his shots in the paint are simply silly.

James= F
[Insert your diatribe here]

Butler= B-
He makes us forget all about Sweetney

Blah. I'm not impressed

Larry Brown= F
Sorry Larry, but he is the one that is steering this sinking ship. Make a set line up and a system for payers to get adjusted to. He is a great coach, but I think Riley or Phil would have done a better job thus far.

Isaiha Thomas= f*'N F!
Clean up this mess please. He created this disaster and should be embarassed to breathe. You know what really sux?? Its people like him in front office positions that make millions for nothing. There are about a million fans that could have done a better job than him. He needs to be more accesible with fans and media to assure the city that he is doing something to save the franchise. And that talk that he is happy about the direction the team is going needs to stop already. There is nothing bright about this franshise and not much hope since the Bulls get our inevitable lottery pick in the draft.