I see a lot of uncertainity on the draft picks our New York Knicks have/dont have/traded away/Isiah gave away etc etc. SO I'll start this topic to answer those questions and start the topic early of who should we draft?

Our first rounder which seems to be going down in value) goes to Chicago unprotected via the Eddy Curry trade. If we place 26-30 it goes to Utah. Could be looked at as bad, but if we continue to win I dont think well have as much trouble with it..especially seeing we got EDDY CURRY.

Our second rounder goes to Houston unprotected via the Maurice Taylor trade.

As of now, we have ONE draft pick this year. San Antonio's first round pick. (so root for SA to lose as much as possible). Its top 10 protected, but we all know they wont make the top 10 haha. We got this in the Nazr Mohammed for Malik Rose trade ast year. Everyone dislikes this trade which is understandable to the naked eye. BUT honestly i dont mind it. Malik will be traded if possible and Nazr is doing squat in SA anyhow. the real catch is that we acquired their first rounder last year and this year. and if you remember we got DAVID LEE with that 30th last year. No doubt Isiah will use this pick wisely. That pick stands @ 29th right now...