Okay, i know the guy is a jerk and a complete ego-maniac. But didn't all you guys hate your school principals also?

The NBA is a living breathing business with worldwide investors, millions of customers, and dozens of partnerships. He has to everything he can to protect his product and ensure growth. He also understands the importance of modern day Public Relations. With the NBA's image at an all-time low, despite attendence figures rising again, he has to enforce keeping players outof the stands. Don't get me wrong, I Antonio Davis has grown on me, and he is the most professional player in the league, but even he is not exonerated from the NBA's new security policies. If I was AD's shoes, I would have left the court to, so I'm not blaming him. Davis is intelligent enough to understand why a one-game suspension or small fine is put on him regargdless.

Stern is a shrewd business man, and a prototypical corporate boss. As American citizens and practicing capitalist, it is our duty to understand that workers are can be replaced easily when weighed with profit/revnue. A friendly image with workers can not be subistitued for an opportunity to increase profits. In the business world, Stern is praised for his conservative stance and profit making decisons that mutually benefit the league and advertisers alike. I'd kill be to be in his shoes, and I'd probably be even more of a despot.

As for the dresscode...If anyone over 18 can still not comprehend why it was implemented and makes sense in the long term, than you should check yourself into a buisness school, or a public relations course. I agree with Stephen A. Smith and Barkley that racism motivated it, but thats how this country works folks. Like Charles said, if a black kid and a white kid came in for a job interview, but with one dressed more sophisticated regardless of race, I would hire the guy in the suit also.

If there are players that have a problem wearing a suit and has a problem not being able to wear a more comforting outfit, then they can go back to the playground and dress however the hell they want. Nobody would bug them anymore, and the fans would forget about them as fast as you can Isaiha Rider.