Okay, you?ve heard this before. A year ago, to be precise, when Nick Van Exel took in the cheers from the Madison Square Garden crowd at last summer?s Wheelchair Classic and proclaimed his love for New York, the Knicks and the fans. So now a year later, with a sensational playoff run to his credit, Van Exel found himself traded once more, this time to Golden State.

But when he was asked about his words of a year ago, Van Exel didn?t hesitate to announce his hopes and dreams about becoming a Knick still apply.

?I still say, ?Yeah,?? Van Exel said. ?Me and Antonio (McDyess) think about it all the time, to be honest with you. That?s all we can do is think about it right now.?

And while he said that rumors that he has demanded a trade from the Warriors are untrue, noting that he has not even spoken to the Warriors since the trade, when asked if he would be satisfied to play out the year in Golden State, he said: ?I would love to play for the Knicks, sure.?

But we didn?t even ask, Nick. By the way, we didn?t ask Sam Cassell either, who interjected, ?The Knicks need Nick Van Exel right now.?

The Knicks have shown interest before, but Van Exel isn?t going anywhere right now. But with the Knicks still dangling Charlie Ward and his expiring contract around the league, there is a chance that some sort of package can surface.

?I?m hoping,? Van Exel said. ?I?m hoping. That?s all I can do. I can say it?s right there about to happen and then something happens. I?m just hoping that it does happen. Dice has a lot to do with it. I would like the opportunity here. The organization is willing to do things to win. And moving to the east. The east is the place. It?s up for grabs.?
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i've always wanted to see van exel playing for the knicks, i say this is a good moment to take him, since there're not so many who wanna play for us