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For those that migh not have been aware. Thomas and fan favorite ESPN writer and Boston Red Sox super fan, Bill Simmons have had a war of words this week.

Bill Simmons has been ripping Thomas's destruction of the Knicks franchise all summer long, and Thomas is well aware of it. Thomas wants to fight Simmons if they ever meet on the street. The irony is that Simmons is on our side. He got over 8,000 emails from angry Knick fans who agree that Thomas has no idea what he is doing, and only 12 defending Thomas. But browse through his site, and you'll see that all his predictions came true, except that not even he knew that things would get as bad as they are now! Read the articles, the story is pretty funny.
Espeicaly the part where Simmons says that he'll hide behind a decent player like Al Harrington so Thomas will never know where to find him