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    Default An open letter to Ron Artest

    Dear Ron Ron,
    You are a good for nothing lil thug brat who belongs in a mental hospital. If you didn't know how to play basketball, you would have ended up in Rikers Island years ago! Stop taking your talent for granted and just show up to work, you piece of ****! Do you have any idea how bad an example you are setting for kids?? What do you think your life would be like if you couldn't ball?? You think anyone would give a rat's ass about your album. Are you even aware that the average person has a better chance at becoming an athlete than a prosperous rapper??

    You have become the poster child of everything that is wrong with pro sports today. There's athletes in Cuba and around the world that don't even make enough to put food on the table for their family. And its players like you that have slaughtered the image of the NBA! I didn't think you can make this season any worse than last year, but i guess with you, anythings possible. I wish Jermaine O'Neal would of slugged you that night instead of that idiot fan.

    P.S. But your more than welcome to come to NYC = ) Us fans and the media would love to rip you apart on a daily basis.

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    i would love ron artest in da knicks...he know how to play ball and he bring some toughness, kniks are soft, knicks should not be known as a soft team...ISHIAH BRING IN RON

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    All I can say is....
    If Spree can change in MSG so can Ron
    Bring him home
    Where there is hope, there can be faith
    Where there is faith, miracles can occur

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