glad we got the win and glad we escaped that game. we played a great first half obviously. good to see Eddy playing good ball. it was funny the pic at showed Eddy and it said "he had a solid game" haha 27-10 yea thats pretty damn solid if i say so..

steph played team leader tonight. assisting and making plays. rady his shoudler is still bothering him thats why hes not scoring. he cant drive the lane. smart because it makes him just set up plays and will make him healthy in the long run.

Q with the good D. 3 stls. but please ship him out into a system where he can succeed. say to Atlanta to run with JJ again. for Harrington i love ya Q but this isnt his type of game.

the other Q, Qyntel woods. played solid. and im happy to see that. he can ball just hope he continues and stays out of trouble.

positive things here. but still expect at least 2 moves before deadline.