In my opinion, due to the recent allegations against Isiah Thomas, combined with revelations about questionable business practices throughout MSG, the GM of our beloved Knicks may be facing a now or never season. The NY media sharks have smelled blood in the water, and there is already more and more articles written about how Isiah should be fired. Whether or not we think it's fair, this could be his last season, unless the team makes a big tunaround. Papers like the Post will make sure this "scandal"becomes bigger than it is, making the organization look even worse. From a PR standpoint, the product on the court has to improve drastically. In order to do that, Isiah has to make a trade, not no Maurice Taylor malik Rose kinda trade, but a big name or multiple player trade to save his ass. And because we have Larry Brown as a coach, it makes no sense to do an all out rebuilding process anyway. The fans are getting restless, and ticket sales will start to suffer if the losing continues. Looking at the roster, the most glaring need is at the 2, the 3 and backup point. I think there has to be some good players on some bad teams that will be dealt by the trading deadline, and Thomas cannot sit on his hands this time. I would put anybody on the block except for Frye, Curry, Robinson and suprisingly Marbury. We have 2 expring contracts, 3 good rookies, two of which we could afford to let go because we still have a bunch of young players anyway, and no significant draft picks to offer. So we got to go after players that want off their current teams, or teams looking to dump salary.
Any suggestions....please no outrageous trade ideas
Yes, I would put Lee and R