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The antonio davis for jalen rose was bad but they say larry brown pushed for the ariza and penny for franchise. I dont think isiah would had done that with the potential ariza showed the previous season (LB didnt play him much last year). Isiah hasnt raded any other young talented players but luckily we sort of made up for gettin rid of ariza with balkmen except for the fact that we took on francis's contract but u really believe LB pushed for that trade. Other then the jalen rose trade and the signing of jerome james, i dont think isiah had dun a bad job and as mentioned before, layden left him a team full of overpayed, overaged, undersized players which has turned into francis marbury, and a bunch of young talent. I'm not complaining if they win 30 to 35 games this year after only 23 last year.
They say, WHO KNOWS. Lets discuss what we KNOW, okay? Don't assume what Isiah would have done, especially with his terrible history of trading. Layden was here FOUR YEARS AGO...thats a long time ago. Isiah has had 3 years to changed things and has been a failure.

This team isn't overpaid? Accually this team is even MORE overpaid. Layden's roster had expiring contracts like Mcdysess, Ward, Eisley, Houston...etc, the whole roster and draft picks. Why do you think Phoneix wanted to drop Marbury in the garbage? The garbage the Knicks, and the garbageman was Isiah. Isiah has collected all the garbage in the NBA so far. Maurice Taylor, Malik Rose, Jalen Rose, Penny Hardaway, Jerome James, Eddy Curry, Jamal Crawford, Steve Francis, Stephon Marbury. These are players that their ex teams did not want a part of. These are UNWATED players who were traded for expiring contracts and draft picks. Eddy Curry is scoring GREAT, I acknolwedge that very much, but we aren't WINNING, and that should be the most important thing. Curry can help by defending and passing the ball when he's trapt or double team. It would really make everything easier for everyone. He would also be a lock for the all star team if he does those things more often.

It is quite obvious Isiah has done a bad job as the president of basketball operations. He traded for overpriced non all star players. I think Isiah has traded for most of the overpriced non all star players you can think of. Last year, we finished with the 2nd worst record in the NBA with the highest payroll in the league. If that isn't bad, then what is? You're not going to blame Isiah one bit of last year, the year before, and this year now? Then who wil you blame besides Dolan and Isiah? Sometimes I get tired of repeating myself and repeating the most obvious things. Isiah has failed the Knicks organization and currently has the Knicks at the bottom of the league again. He needs to go, we need to move on to a better more brighter future.